The most important news of the last 24 hours

The day has come that the crypto community has been waiting for for the past few weeks. Today is our Bitcoin Halving special. So, we’re telling you some of the breaking news.

The day has finally arrived: The Bitcoin Halving is here
The day finally came. The crypto community was looking forward to this silent event that is revolutionizing world finance. Today is when the Halving occurs, a unique event that takes place every four years.

In its short history, Bitcoin had only two Halvings before, with today’s being the third


According to Google Trends, the number of people worldwide searching for „Bitcoin Halving“ has increased. In the Google search engine, it has grown exponentially compared to what happened before the previous Halving, which happened four years ago.

While 2020 marks a major setback in the quotes of the main financial instruments due to Coronavirus, Bitcoin is the best performing asset so far in 2020. The year that will remain in history due to the impact of COVID-19.

After suffering a violent fall last March, it has regained ground to remain at the top of the ranking. Perhaps in terms of the price of Bitcoin today, its third The News Spy Website, Immediate Edge Website, Bitcoin Code Uk, Bitcoin Profit Reviews Uk, Bitcoin Era Scam, Bitcoin Trader Uk, Is Bitcoin Revolution Real, Bitcoin Evolution Trading, Bitcoin Billionaire Trading, Is Bitcoin Circuit Legit, it will be an absolutely normal day, like any other. But something much deeper is happening, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

This technological revolution has a profound impact on money, one of the most important factors that makes the world go round. Don’t miss out on the details of this great event in the crypto ecosystem.

Stay with us, from CryptoTrend we will be taking you to detail everything that will happen in the last hours.

Unconventional Halving Analysis: Where can the price of Bitcoin go?

Bitcoin tries to erase yesterday’s losses before Halving
Continuing with today’s news highlights, Bitcoin (BTC) hit the $9,000 mark again just hours before Bitcoin’s Halving today, May 11, intensifying efforts to erase the weekend’s heavy losses.

According to our Crypto Online tool, BTC is trying to set the $9,000. After losing more than $1,200 over the weekend in a move that saw some trades fall to just $8,250, Bitcoin held on to about $8,800 for the rest of Sunday.

The upper cryptomone by market capitalization fell more than 8.5%, its largest single-day decline since March 12, when Bitcoin prices recorded this drop.

At the time of writing and with only hours to go before the long-awaited Halving, the currency is trading at USD 8,890.