What to see on Netflix about Bitcoin and cryptomontages?


As long as the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine continues, streaming and video platforms will remain important, either as a form of entertainment, information, or even study. What if we combined this power of Netflix with Bitcoin?

That’s why, from CoinTelegraph en Español we bring you a series of recommendations so you can take advantage of the social distance by getting to know Bitcoin.

Also, here are some recommendations on Netflix, where Bitcoin isn’t the main topic, but is around the plot or as part of the ideas discussed in the audiovisual, we bring you some non-Bitcoin recommendations.

Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

Banking on Bitcoin is perhaps the most popular documentary about Bitcoin. It is available on Netflix and tells the story of several characters from the early days of Bitcoin, as well as the different projects they undertook to make this technology more popular and accessible.

Charlie Shrem, the Winklevoss twins, Barry Silbert, Michael Casey, Nathaniel Popper are some of the names and voices that appear in the documentary to talk about this technology and how it has evolved into what it is today. Bitcoin is narrated as an option outside the regulations, making a paradigmatic contrast with the banks and the decisions that led to the financial crisis of 2008.

Anon (2018)

Anon is a film set in the near future, in which all the people in the world are part of a large database from which authorities and law enforcement can regulate their behavior. However, a few remain on the sidelines.

Such is the case of the film’s protagonist, a hacker who is outside this large database and for whom a police officer will begin an intense investigation. It is a cypherpunk novel, made into a film and with several interesting dramatic twists.

Although Bitcoin is not part of the subjects covered, all the aesthetics and ideas of privacy in the film are reminiscent of what Satoshi Nakamoto did.


Altered Carbon (2018)

This is a series, which, following the non-bitcoiners recommendations, is set in an even more cypherpunk future. It should be said that, although the plot has nothing to do with Bitcoin, both BTC and Monero (XMR) have had some cameos in these two seasons.

In that post-apocalyptic future where humans can transfer their minds to other bodies, both BTC and XMR serve as a medium for exchange of products during the development of the plot, which means that the writers are imagining a future with cryptomontages.

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Billions (2016)

Available on Netflix, Billions is a series set in the United States, particularly in the world of finance and the conflicts of entrepreneurs and capitalists with the law. Its main character, Bobby Axelrod, is a wealthy CEO of a New York venture capitalist, and we accompany him in his adventures to face the law and make the most of it.

In 5 seasons, Bitcoin and other cryptomonies have already had their starring appearance, and in fact, the author of Bitcoin Billionaries, Ben Mezrich is part of the team of scriptwriters for the fifth season, and has already made his pen felt in some dialogues and exchanges between the characters. Billions is one of those series you shouldn’t miss if you want to know how a billionaire’s business works and also his mind with several direct winks to cryptomonies and Bitcoin as a way to send money undetected.

The 15 best documentaries about Bitcoin and Blockchain
With these recommendations you have to start taking advantage of the quarantine to learn while you are entertained, either with films, documentaries or series where bitcoin and cryptomonies are either central theme or have some relation -or participation- in the story and characters of this list. And these are just some recommendations. You can get more audiovisual material (and in many cases free) here.