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www.photomacrography.net is now beginning its third year on the Internet. We extend a welcome to all photographers interested in photomacrography and close-up photography. It is our goal for our community to become more than just a meeting place, however. Our goals are to build this community into the premier resource for photomacrography imagery and information on the Internet. Unlike other photography websites on the Internet, your images will not have to compete for attention in a long gallery listing of different genres of photography.

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This website is dedicated entirely to photomacrography. It is built by photomacrographers for photmacrographers. In cooperation with our sister site, www.amateurmicroscopy.net, we share a complete online bulletin board-based community to exchange photomacrography information and post images for display and critique. In addition to the bulletin board forums and galleries, articles of interest will be added to the web site on a continuing basis. If you have special knowledge of a subject or special techniques that would be of interest to our visitors and members, please, review our submission guidelines and consider submitting a brief article on your specialty. We welcome all contributions from our visitors and members. We are also working to build comprehensive links to photomacrography resources on the Internet and will be happy to provide links to our member’s websites. The site administrators value and actively solicit visitor and member feedback. Criticisms and suggestions are carefully considered and will be acted on if found to have merit for the community as a whole. We want to know what will keep you coming back and what will add value to your membership. Furthermore, our online community is hosted on fast Linux servers with a guaranteed 99.7% uptime.

Additionally, if you register as a member of www.photomacrography.net you are automatically registered with our sister site, www.amateurmicroscopy.net and are allowed access to all of the amateur microscopy galleries and forums. Photomacrographers and photomicrographers share many common interests and it is only natural that the two disciplines be blended into a single online community. Image posting and topic discussion guidelines appear in the forums and galleries.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to your images and participation.

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